Lil Jon punches up each musical sequence with samples from past and present tracks spanning Atlanta’s rich quilt of hip-hop. Also the producer of Usher’s biggest chart topper, “Yeah!,” and the featured singer on his own Top 5 smash hit “Lovers and Friends,” the Vegas mainstay knew the high energy had to come from song sequencing and treating the audience to some new sonic ideas.

“The goal is to create a non-stop party,” Lil Jon said. “I wanted to take people on a musical journey with hit after hit and no room for them to breathe.”

“I wanted the show to be a party as well as showcase his vocal range,” Jon adds. “Me and the team created some intimate musical moments with new versions of some of his hits that people haven’t heard him perform like he does in the show.”

Usher was originally set to hit Vegas in July 2020 but had to postpone because of the coronavirus pandemic. Comparing his perfectionist attitude to “Army training,” Usher, recently named Remy Martin’s new spokesperson, reveals he spent two years silently working out of Cascade Family Skating to perfect his craft.

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