When given the opportunity to collaborate with the Kool-Aid Man, Lil Jon had an easy — and predictable — answer: “Yeah!”

Back in December, the 48-year-old rapper and producer earned immediate induction into EW’s ridiculous Christmas rap song Hall of Fame with the release of “All I Really Want for Christmas,” which featured the one and only Kool-Aid Man.

“I had that track laying around for a while, and then me and Kool-Aid connected and it just felt special,” Lil Jon tells EW. “To see the Kool-Aid man in person, it was like, ‘Wow, this is really happening.’ Fast track, we got 2 million hits off of that in a week. It was just something cool to do; I always wanted to do a Christmas song and then to be able to use a brand figure like the Kool-Aid Man in something was pretty amazing.”

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