“All I Really Want For Christmas” is all you really need.

You might want to check your Christmas list a third time, because up until Monday (Dec. 17) it was missing a very important ingredient: crunk juice. Lil Jon just dropped one of the greatest Christmas raps of all time, “All I Really Want For Christmas,” which features a very special guest. No, not Santa. The Kool-Aid Man.

Wearing his holiday finest, Jon sits down at his piano in the song’s video, only to have Kool-Aid Man bust through the wall (of course), which prompts Jon to shout “It’s that time of year again!” as the sleigh bells start chiming and Santa drops the beat. “All I really want for Christmas is everything on my list,” Jon raps as the Man peppers in his signature “Oh Yeah” catchphrase and the Nutcracker shows off his diamond grill.

And what is on Jon’s list? Old school vinyl records, turntables, DJ headphones, bling, a diamond grill, a huge flatscreen TV, fly rims, a train set, a red Lambo, sneakers, speakers, a hot tub, a Flak jacket and so much more. “Having a party on Christmas eve/ And I got a whole lot of Christmas glee/ Whole lot of gifts I’d like to receive/ And you know all year I’ve been planting them seeds,” Jon rhymes as he surveys the Kool-Aid champagne fountain, greets the kids and hands the mic to a milly rocking MC St. Nick.

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