Hockey in Vegas isn’t just good. It’s crunk.

Lil Jon, the rapper, record producer, DJ and undisputed king of crunk, was on hand for the Vegas Golden Knights 7-0 thrashing of the Colorado Avalanche, which helped the brand-new franchise, now 8-1-0, improve on its historic start.

An interview segment with Lil Jon during second intermission did not disappoint and not just when he admitted he was talking trash to opposing players.

He talked about how the Atlanta Flames sparked his love of the sport and how when his son started playing hockey they would attend Atlanta Thrashers games.

The highlight of the interview? The man who calls Vegas his “second home” once chauffeured Lord Stanley’s Cup around town. 

“I even had the Stanley Cup in my car. They let me put the Stanley Cup in my car,” Lil Jon boasted. “I got hook ups! I got connects!”

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