‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Guest Host Lil Jon Says He’s Team Natasha Amid Her Drama With Brendan (Exclusive)

Lil Jon is taking sides. When ET spoke with Bachelor in Paradise‘s latest guest host, the 49-year-old rapper revealed he was Team Natasha amid her drama on the beach with Brendan and Pieper.

The situation began when fellow BiP contestants accused Brendan of a pre-Paradise relationship with Pieper. He assured everyone, including Natasha, his initial Paradise love interest, that things were “casual” with Pieper and he wasn’t waiting for her to arrive, but that story fell apart when Pieper showed up on the beach

Brendan and Pieper immediately picked up where they left off, seemingly without sparing a thought for Natasha. They later discussed their then-growing follower counts on social media. Brendan has since lost more than 100,000 followers, while Pieper is down more than 9,000. Natasha, meanwhile, has gained upward of 375,000 followers.

“You can’t come to Paradise already having a significant other, man. And for clout, come on, man, this is not what it’s about,” Lil Jon told ET. “You come to Paradise to find love, to explore and to find some love.”

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