Have Lil Jon ask someone over for ‘Netflix and chill’ using Vext, his new app


Yes, you read that right, Lil Jon has created a keyboard app called Vextfor iOS and Android.

It lets you send video memes of Lil Jon doing what he does best – randomly shouting things like “What” and “Okay” – to your friends.

Some of the other phrases are things like “Drink, drink, drink, drink” and “It’s called Google bitch.” You know, all the things you would usually text your mom.

It’s not the most technologically advanced app in the world, but it’s entertaining and random enough that it could be really popular, especially since Lil Jon is known for his catchphrases.

The producer and rapper didn’t go at it alone, he partnered with a developer from Mango Concept to create the app. Hopefully, we will get to see some other eccentric people added in the future. I’d like to see Snoop Dogg.


Watch this Video: