Where would hip-hop be without the dope beats made by these 20 fundamental music producers?

Hip-Hop has been around since 1973. However, it began increasing in popularity among broader audiences circa the mid-1980s and thereafter.

To most people, the success of the hip-hop genre is because of the actual rappers, aka emcees. Although it takes a dope rapper to give hip-hop life, it takes an awesome music producer to give hip-hop power. Below are 20 hip-hop producers that have helped the hip-hop genre gain its notoriety and global fame.

Lil Jon

Lil Jon, born Jonathan Smith, is the King of Crunk! Mr. YEAH! — the “Yeah!” scream is Lil Jon’s notable catchphrase — made the niche hip-hop style “crunk” a worldwide sensation in the 2000s. The hard-hitting energetic beats that Lil Jon produced for rap groups and rappers like himself and his group The East Side Boyz, The Ying Yang Twins, E-40, and Petey Pablo have forever changed hip-hop.

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